Freeze-dried fruit Elena LioFi Chips apricot 30g
Freeze-dried fruit Elena LioFi Chips apricot 30g
Freeze-dried fruit Elena LioFi Chips apricot 30g
Freeze-dried fruit Elena LioFi Chips apricot 30g

Freeze-dried fruit Elena LioFi Chips apricot 30g

Elena-Morela Liofichips 30g
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Freeze-dried fruit Elena - LioFi Chips apricot 30g


Lyophilized fruit Elena - Apricot 30g

Freeze-dried apricot is dried using a special freeze-drying method commonly called "freeze-drying", thanks to which the fruit retains most of its nutritional value, shape, color, and the taste and smell are more pronounced. Freeze-dried apricots contain 100% apricot fruit and no additives.

Fresh apricots contain fiber, flavonoids, tannins, pectin, organic acids (including but not limited to: citric, malic and tartaric acids), vitamins - vitamin A, B vitamins (including vitamin B3) and vitamin C, and minerals - phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron. Carotenoids and potassium contained in huge amounts (as much as 300 mg in 100g!) regulates the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure and helping to remove "bad" cholesterol from the blood. It cleans the kidneys and improves their function. Fresh apricots contain large amounts of iron, so they are indicated for people with anemia, They also have a blood-forming effect. Rich in vitamin C, they protect against colds and strengthen the body, they also contain B vitamins and vitamin PP. Thanks to their alkaline-forming effect, apricots help treat hyperacidity and prevent problems with liver and gall bladder function.

Freeze-dried apricots retain most of the properties of freshly picked fruit, and their benefits do not end there.

Freeze-dried "freeze-dried" fruits are crisper and more distinct in flavor, so they allow you to enjoy the flavors of summer even out of season. Freeze-dried "frost dried" fruits are incredibly light, which makes a quantity of 30-50 g a large packet. They are an excellent alternative to not-so-healthy sweets or other highly processed snacks. We can take a packet of freeze-dried fruit with us for a second breakfast to school, work... it is a great healthy snack.

To produce 100g of freeze-dried apricots we used about 1000g** of fresh apricots.

*contains naturally occurring sugars.

**approximate values

Ingredients: 100% apricot

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