Carabiner Climbing Technology Concept TG

Carabiner Climbing Technology Concept TG

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Carabiner Climbing Technology - Concept TG


The HMS carabiner is the most important carabiner in every climber's equipment. It is not important whether you use it with or without belay devices. What is important is that you have what will provide you with comfort and full safety.

HMS Concept was designed for climbers who value comfort and safety above all, but who pay great attention to technical solutions and the weight of the equipment they have to carry in their backpack or at the harness.

A hot-forged, multi-plane 3D profile has made it possible to significantly reduce the weight of Concept HMS carabiners. This new carabiner shaping technology seems to be the future in the quest to produce lighter climbing gear while increasing its strength.

The classic shape of the HMS ("pear") carabiner allows it to be used safely as a belay carabiner in any situation. Adequate reinforcement of the edges most exposed to friction guarantees maximum durability and safety, which is required of climbing equipment.

Optimization of the shape and attention to ergonomics, allow easy manipulation of the carabiner. The Catch Free (toothless) system prevents the lock from accidentally catching on other climbing equipment (loops, instruments, climbers).

Like every Climbing Technology carabiner, the Concept HMS is - before leaving the factory - individually tested with a sub-threshold load of 12 kN. Thus, you are assured that when using it, you can focus solely on climbing.

    TRIPLEX - is an automatically closing lock, so you can never forget to secure your carabiner. It differs from the well-known Twist-Lock option by its double security. Thanks to it, accidental opening of the lock is practically impossible! At the same time it is as easy and smooth to use (you get the knack after just a few attempts) as the classic automatic locks, or ordinary twist locks.
To unlock and open the lock (3) first lift the "screw" (1), and only then turn (2). Accidentally making such a combination is highly unlikely.
Triplex lock carabiners will find use wherever there is a need for maximum security and safety.
    CATCH-FREE - Special profiling at the end of the lock, allows to achieve the same locking effect as the classic "tooth", but makes the operation of the carabiner much smoother when clipping in or out of ropes, tapes, reps, bones, etc. The CF lock does not hook and does not hinder equipment manipulation.
    HOT FORGED - Hot-forged products are characterized by greater strength and durability.

Weight: 81 g
Strength: kN 23.8.8

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