Lanyard Petzl Absorbica-Y MGO International
Lanyard Petzl Absorbica-Y MGO International
Lanyard Petzl Absorbica-Y MGO International
Lanyard Petzl Absorbica-Y MGO International

Lanyard Petzl Absorbica-Y MGO International

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Double lanyard with integrated energy absorber and MGO connectors


ABSORBICA®-Y MGO is a double lanyard with compact energy absorber, designed for progression on a vertical structure or a horizontal lifeline, and for passing intermediate anchors. It functions with users weighing between 50 and 140 kg. It is available in two lengths: 80 or 150 cm versions (without connectors). The 150 cm version has elasticized arms to avoid hindering progression. Equipped with two large-opening MGO connectors and a Bm’D connector with a CAPTIV positioning bar, it is certified to American, European, and Russian standards.

  • Designed for progression on a vertical structure or horizontal lifeline, and when passing intermediate anchors
  • Absorbs energy in the event of a fall:
    • Tearing of the energy absorber webbing limits the impact force on the user
    • Works with users who weigh between 50 and 140 kg (In compliance with maximum accepted fall distances More information in our technical tips)
    • Progressive tearing reduces the deceleration on lightweight users
  • Minimal bulk:
    • Compact energy absorber facilitates handling
    • FLEX version with 150 cm of elasticized webbing to avoid hindering progression
  • Durable fabric pouch with opening system at each end, protects the energy absorber from abrasion or contaminants while allowing for regular inspection of the absorber
  • Two options for installation on the harness, depending on use:
    • Frequent connection/disconnection: using either a carabiner held in correct position by the STRING positioning accessory (included with the lanyard), or a MICRO SWIVEL to avoid tangling
    • Semi-permanent connection: using either a RING OPEN gated ring whose circular shape allows optimal positioning, or a SWIVEL OPEN to avoid tangling
  • Comes with two large-opening MGO connectors for connection to a metal structure, and a Bm’D carabiner with a CAPTIV positioning bar for connection to the harness
  • Lengths: 150 cm

      Product Details

      Lanyard V-shape with absorber
      High-modulus polyethylene
      Product weight
      1910 g
      Quantity in pack
      150 cm
      Manufacturer warranty
      3 years
      ANSI Z359.12
      ANSI Z359.13 12 feet (maximum certified user weight: 140 kg)
      EAC (maximum certified mass: 100 kg)
      EN 355
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